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The Impactful Leader

The key to sustainable organizational success is…

Strong Leadership

Our program creates the INSIGHT and builds the capabilities needed to lead with greater IMPACT. The New World of Work demands a shift in leadership mindset and behaviors.


Mid-level managers are in a position of extraordinary influence within their organizations. Many leaders have learned how to be effective managers, however, there is an opportunity to shift mindsets and behaviors in order to elevate their level of impact.  

The Impactful Leader Program enhances your impact by, first, building self-awareness. Then, we focus on leading with authenticity, cultivating resilience, and empowering others through change and uncertainty.

Program Overview

Element 1

Leadership Assessments

Designed to provide awareness and insights, this is the first phase of the program.


Participants complete various leadership assessments that offer a view into their unique talents, how they "show up" and impact others.

Element 2

Leadership Coaching

Individual and group coaching sessions will be focused on key leadership capabilities based on the 4 Domains of Leadership. 

1:1 executive coaching will offer insights to strengths and assessment outcomes.

Element 3



Relevant content will be delivered via live group coaching interactions, breakout sessions, and technology-driven learning. 

Participants will engage in a series of learning labs aligned with the 4 Domains of Leadership which are critical to enhancing leader impact.  

4 Domains of an Impactful Leader

4 Elements of the Impactful Leader Program.jpg

The Impactful Leader Program Content

Leadership Domains


Gaining Insights + Awareness



Participants will complete various assessments to gain self-awareness and insights required to develop an Individual Growth Plan. Each participant will then have a 1:1 debrief session with an executive coach to review the assessment results, gain insights on key strengths, blind spots, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Assessments include:

  • CliftonStrengths

  • EQ

  • Wellbeing

  • Executive Presence


Leading Others

Discover how to accelerate your team’s performance and engagement by shifting mindsets from being a manager to a leader and coach. Participants will gain confidence in leading others and leveraging individual strengths, how to view conflict as a tool for innovation, and feel better prepared to have critical talent conversations.

  • Impactful Conversations

  • Productive Conflict

  • Leading Hybrid Teams

  • Art of Collaboration

  • Storytelling


Empower + Engage

Embrace the concept of creating an inclusive culture within your team and organization. Lead the way to both empower and engage team members through building an environment of psychological safety and well-being. Better understand the motivations of the multi-generational workforce, how to leverage those differences for a more successful outcome, and learn how to become a master delegator.

  • Art of Delegation

  • The Inclusive Leader

  • Wellbeing & Psychological Safety

  • Multi-Generational Teams


Authentic Leadership

Understand what it means to be an Authentic Leader, why it’s critical to organizational success, and why courage is essential to reach your full potential. Participants will learn how to become more resilient in the face of change, tactics to reduce self-doubt and receive tips to increase confidence in any situation. Through practicing mindfulness and defining your own values, participants will gain insights on how to bring their best self to work (and life) each day.

  • Cultivating Resilience

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Mindfulness 

  • Finding your Voice

  • Become Camera Ready

Growth Enabled by Technology

This is not your traditional leadership training program.


We are committed to creating a learning environment that embraces a growth mindset to ensure the newly acquired skills are sustained beyond the duration of the program. 

The Impactful Leader Program leverages artificial intelligence and micro-learning technology to provide participants with:

  • On the Spot Content

  • Meaningful, Individualized Feedback

  • Learning Based Community

New Growth

Presented by Kathy Krul-Manor and Katy Temple, a collaboration between KKM Leadership and Katy Temple Media Coaching.

Kathy Krul-Manor
CEO & Founder
KKM Leadership

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