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DiscoverYOU Program

Empowering individuals and teams through a process of...

Self-Awareness + Growth

Leaders and their teams are being asked to adapt at a rapid pace which, at times, creates significant levels of stress resulting in a lack of engagement, decreased productivity, and a lack of wellbeing. 


Our program helps participants gain INSIGHT about their strengths, core values, and purpose to ensure they are building the capabilities needed to have a more significant IMPACT at work and in their personal lives. 

The DiscoverYOU Program guides participants in defining their personal and professional paths, building the confidence and skills necessary to pursue their goals with purpose and resilience.

Program Overview

Element 1

Live Workshops

Participants will experience 2-3 hour workshops on various topics to gain self-awareness and gain new skills.

Designed to allow for individual reflection, group discussions, and interactive learning the workshops are led by a seasoned facilitator.

Element 2

Group Coaching

Relevant content will be delivered via live group coaching interactions including dynamic breakout sessions.

The goal of group coaching is to reinforce learning, clarify concepts, and gain further insights. 

Element 3

Self-Guided Learning

We leverage technology-driven learning via our platform - Gnowbe- delivering content in small, bite-sized pieces.

This elements also creates a social community of support and discovery.

The DiscoverYOU Program Content

Key Phases


Strengths, Core Values, and Setting Your Vision 



Participants will explore and understand the concept of core values and purpose, gain insight to their own purpose, values and strengths. They will begin to create an individual growth plan to help achieve personal and professional goals. Each participant will then have a 1:1 debrief session with an executive coach to review the assessment results, gain insights on key strengths, blind spots, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

  • Importance of Self-Exploration

  • Understanding Self

  • Exploring and Identifying Strengths

  • Creating your Personal & Career Vision


Creating a Meaningful Action Plan

Format: Group Coaching and Self-Guided Learning Participants will learn the importance of SMART goal-setting A template will be provided to start the goal-setting process and the cohort will have access to peer feedback and support via the platform community.

  • SMART goal-setting framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)

  • Developing personalized action plans 

  • Support via cohort community 


Taking Ownership of Your Career

Live session focused on learning how to build a meaningful network and how to establish mentoring relationships. Encouraging ongoing mentorship and support beyond the program We will revisit insights gained over the first two phases and consider how to grow their career in alignment with purpose and passions. Guest speakers or panel discussions to share experiences and insights Guidance on researching industries, networking, and gaining practical experience.

  • Building Networks & Mentoring Relationships

  • Panel Discussion

  • Exploring Career Pathways

  • Revisiting Passions 

  • Aligning Career with Purpose and Values


Building Resilience

Format: Group Coaching + Self-Directed Learning Participants will start to understand the concept of building resilience and why that is important. They will gain strategies for building resilience and maintaining motivation as well as a growth mindset. Online community will support exploration of overcoming challenges and setbacks.

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Building Resilience

  • Common Challenges in the Workplace

  • Strategies for Building Resilience

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Support via cohort community


Resilience in Action

Participants will learn how to advocate for their own needs and aspirations. Through various group conversations, reflection, and role-playing exercises participants will practice critical thinking and decision making.

  • Critical Thinking and Decision-Making 

  • Stories of Success and Resilience

  • Introduction to Negotiation Principles

  • Lean on your Authentic Self

  • Communication and Listening Skills

  • Case Studies

Growth Enabled by Technology

This is not your traditional leadership training program.


We are committed to creating a learning environment that embraces a growth mindset to ensure the newly acquired skills are sustained beyond the duration of the program. 

The DiscoverYOU Program leverages micro-learning technology and group coaching to provide participants with:

  • On the Spot Content

  • Meaningful, Individualized Feedback

  • Learning Based Community

Facilitated by a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, this program guides individuals to appreciate and leverage their own unique talents. 

Image by Joel Severino
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