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Leadership + Organizational

As certified practitioners in proven coaching methodologies and leadership assessments, we incorporate industry leading tools to inform our Advisory solutions. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment


The CliftonStrengths Assessment is a powerful tool that leverages the concept of ‘positive intelligence’ to unlock your true potential. This assessment measures your key talents and strengths providing valuable insights for increased self-awareness and informed development strategies. 


By focusing on your unique strengths - instead of weaknesses - you can unleash your natural talents, build upon your strengths and create a new sense of purpose and confidence. The assessment also offers insights for best suited working styles, environments, and roles.  

360° Feedback Survey 


360 Feedback surveys are a customizable performance review tool for developing key employees to support strategic goals. The survey gathers feedback from various sources, such as managers, peers, direct reports, and external stakeholders to provide a comprehensive assessment of performance, behaviors, and competencies from multiple and diverse perspectives. 


Leaders will gain insights into strengths and development areas by understanding how they are perceived by others. Development resources are also provided to support professional growth. 

Team Health Assessments


Team Health Assessments enable a deeper dive into the concepts of team cohesion, balance of capabilities, inclusive culture, values, ways of working, and continuous improvement. Using a confidential survey, we leverage the Lencioni model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results for the assessment.

Further improve your organization’s ability to attract, retain and engage your employees by taking action to create a more impactful, empowering and human-centered culture. 



Culture & Engagement Survey


Enhance your organization’s Employee Experience and gain awareness of the root cause issues impacting Employee Engagement through KKM Leadership's Culture & Engagement surveys. Results will help to identify root cause issues of engagement and provide insights on opportunities for your organization to enhance retention and the Employee Experience.


Explore and define a Culture Building strategy based on key survey data including employee demographics, inclusion and belonging, degree of collaboration, managers’ abilities to coach others, clarity of goals and expectations, leadership and organizational effectiveness, and eNPS.

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