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Tools + Assessments

As certified practitioners in proven coaching methodologies, cultural assessments, and surveys, we incorporate industry leading tools to inform our Culture + Change solutions. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment


Measures key skills and strengths to increase self-awareness and inform talent development. This assessment equips people to work from their strengths rather than weaknesses, and offers insights for best suited working styles, environments, and roles. 

360° Feedback


This scalable suite of on-demand, web-based review tools provides customizable 360-degree feedback review and performance review tools for developing key employees to support strategic goals. 

Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI™)

ICBI Logo 3.png

A cultural assessment for employees and teams to increase productivity, improve teamwork, and promote effective communication across different cultures. Measures key personal cultural indicators against country variables and other individuals. 

4C’s Cultural Mastery Coaching Process


Assesses cultural gaps on teams and develops strategies for effective solutions to minimize conflict and maximize collaboration. Prepares individuals who are working on multicultural teams, or across borders, to recognize cultural gaps and develop adaptation strategies for bridging differences. 

Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA )



An assessment that comprehensively and objectively measures all dimensions of global competence, as determined by worldwide consensus research. The GCAA  measures the specific aptitudes necessary for global effectiveness. It provides development paths to enable corporate leaders and managers to work effectively across diversity, lead cross-culturally, and thrive anywhere. 


Global Business Compass


An online toolkit for international business culture knowledge. It provides essential culture-specific training, video masterclasses and resources to elevate international relationships, career, and business results to the next level. 


MixR Logo.png

This intranet platform facilitates the development of communities at work to create meaningful, cross-functional connections, increase skills visibility, and promote trusting relationships throughout the organization. Where there is trust, people show up to do their best work. 

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