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Align - Transform - Thrive

Assessing and addressing organizational health is essential for any organization that wants to succeed and THRIVE.


Leveraging our proprietary Five Dimensions of Organizational Success we focus on what matters most and partner with your internal stakeholders to implement the right solutions.

We created this solution for leaders to have a crystal-clear picture of how their organization is performing, to navigate organizational well-being and unleash your organization's full potential. 

Our Expertise

Our team of specialists have years of experience working with organizations that struggle to thrive as they grow. Leadership misalignment, overly complex and inconsistent processes, and a lack of clear vision all result in issues that impact the bottom line.

Our approach breaks down complex problems into digestible pieces enabling our customers to easily consume the information and make informed decisions.

5 Dimensions

Five Dimensions of Organizational Success

5 Dimensions of Success Framework AUGFINAL.jpg

How it Works.


Define scope and engage key stakeholders to gain buy-in and accountability from Day One.


Interviews and assessments to understand the current state across the Five Dimensions of Organizational Success.


Structured focus groups and additional stakeholder engagement that dives deep into each of the Five Dimensions.

Leadership ALIGNMENT

Executive Leadership Team workshop designed to review initial results, navigate trust, accountability, conflict, and alignment to strategy.


Gathering of quantitative data to connect with qualitative feedback gathered during steps 1 through 4.

What You'll Get.

Success Blueprint

Functional Reporting

Your Unique Story + Portal

A compelling summary of key opportunities, challenges, and initial strategies for change supported by data, stories, and example.

Detailed overview of the five dimensions by function, department, and other demographics.  

Your organizational success story is built out using assets that are easily digestible and ready to communicate across the company. Assets are accessible via an online portal.

Solutions + Continuum Framework

We work with internal cross-functional teams to implement recommended solutions and apply our Monitor - Assess - Progress - Adjust framework. 

This element is separate from the 5-Step Process

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Unleash the potential within your company, create real change, and establish a clear way forward that will lead to long-term success.
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