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Are You NextGen Ready?

Building a company culture to attract and retain the talent you require is critical to carry your organization successfully into the future. The global changes over the last few years has clearly demonstrated that leaders must revisit their foundational values and company culture to remain relevant and competitive. 

Purpose + Core Values

With industry leading assessments, tools and strategies, our experienced NextGen Advisory team can help your company regain solid footing and develop a culture that is inclusive and sustainable, both domestically and across borders. 


KKM Leadership conducts a comprehensive organizational health review - Navigate360°to assess your organization's culture, values, and norms. We will explore various aspects, such as vision, mission, leadership style, communication practices, employee behaviors, and policies. The purpose of a culture audit is to understand the current culture, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and align the culture with the organization's goals and values.

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Even the most seasoned leaders face unprecedented challenges guiding their organizations in these uncertain times. 

Sample questions that will be asked during the Navigate360° process:

  • How would you describe the current culture of the organization?

  • What values and behaviors are currently encouraged and rewarded?

  • How do employees collaborate and communicate within the organization? 

  • Are there any specific rituals, traditions, or symbols that reflect the organization's culture?

  • What is the organization's purpose, and why does it exist beyond making a profit?

  • What is the long-term vision for the organization?

  • How does the organization's purpose align with the aspirations and expectations of its employees and stakeholders?

  • What are the current core values of the organization, and how are they defined?

  • How are these core values integrated into decision-making processes and daily operations?

  • Are the core values widely known and embraced by employees at all levels?

  • How do the core values differentiate the organization from its competitors?

  • How engaged do you perceive your employees to be, and what measures or indicators support this perception?

  • How do you involve employees in shaping the organizational culture and core values?

  • What initiatives or programs are in place to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being?

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